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Information about our hometown.

The coaking plant Zollverein in Essen:

world heritage site Zollverein foundation

The exceptional architecture appeals to the visitor of Zollverein and its changing exhibitions and events.

Movie-Park Germany

The film- and attraction park in Bottrop-Kirchhellen has now a new name: "Movie Park Germany". You will find new attractions which will entertain the young and old visitors.

Route Industriekultur (industrial heritage trail)

There's plenty to discover along the Industrial Heritage Trail. Are you, for example, particularly interested in the history of mining or the Krupp dynasty? Our Theme Trails with their many sites will teil you a lot about the many-sided aspects of the Ruhrgebiet's industrial heritage and history, and show you the way.

Gasometer Oberhausen

The Gasometer Oberhausen is an outstanding landmark of the Western Ruhr Area and in particular of the town of Oberhausen. Other than that it is an impressive example for building history and a spectacular location for events. Since 1994 annually changing exhibitions of impressive magnitude have turned the Gasometer into a successful cultural location within North Rhine-Westphalia.

country park north - Duisburg (former steel furnace facility)

If you are looking for recreation, an exciting experience, education or fun, the Duisburg-Nord Country Park is all you need. At a site where the blast furnace heat was almost unbearable you can now cool down and relax. Young trees and old furnaces overlook a park for everybody and everything - and even more, as you can simply climb to the roof of the Ruhr and enjoy the view, experience top events live in a factory building or track regional history in a world of steel. Welcome to Park Land without frontiers.

Skiing - Center Bottrop

Skiing on 365 days a year, in the middle of the Ruhr Area on a coal tip.